1 out of 10 women in their post-puberty age suffers from endometriosis, which usually shows symptoms or begins to develop anytime from the age of 15 to 49 years. Making 175+ million women all around the globe the patients of endometriosis.
Endometriosis is a female health condition in which the tissue indistinguishable from the tissues of the uterus commences its growth in other organs of the reproductive system for example,
• Ovaries
• Fallopian tubes
Then this complication is identified by gynecologists and or endometriosis experts.
For the endometriosis treatment in Dubai, the best laparoscopic surgeon in Dubai is consulted due to their following research and experience in the treatment of GYN and OBS-related complications such as,
• chronic pelvic ache
• infertility
• endometriosis
• fibroids
• ovarian cysts or polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS)
• pelvic adhesions
The experienced laparoscopic surgeons have a belief developed after conducting adequate research and via years of experience and could be trusted for the suggestion of the right treatment for your condition and stage of the disease:

  1. REMOVAL OF OVARY IS A DISPENSABLE PROCEDURE: laparoscopy is the removal of diseased and infected tissue therefore removal of ovaries along the way is undoubtedly needles as it could lead to uncontrollable effects on both physical and emotional health of the concerned individual for example,
    • heart attack
    • proneness to easy bone breakage and fracture
    • dementia
    • emotional imbalance
  2. HYSTERECTOMY IS AVOIDABLE: removal of the uterus of the patient’s suffering is also unquestionably unnecessary, including when they are planning future conceive
  3. SURGERY ALONE IS NOT THE SOLUTION: medical surgery for the removal of diseased tissues might sound like the most practical method to treat endometriosis but would not show quite the progress unless it is accompanied by pre- or post-surgical procedure therapy through medications
  4. HORMONAL SUPPRESSIONS ARE ONLY APPLICABLE AND FUNCTIONAL IN SOME CASES: hormonal suppressing medicines are insufficiently functional and practical when it comes to where concerns are,
    • Pain reduction
    • Avoidance the endometriosis to appear again
    • Difficulty to conceive
    A modern surgical procedure to examine and assess the insides of the pelvis and whole abdomen through a tiny cut-out slit with the help of a tool called a “laparoscope “ is called laparoscopy/ keyhole surgery or minimal cut-out slit procedure with the help of a small and thin tube containing
    • Light
    • video recorder
    to view the insides of the under-examination organs on a monitor.
    it is also utilized for the following purposes reduced pain, discomfort, and bleeding post-surgery and during operation,
    • removal of patches of infected tissue of endometriosis eventually endometriosis treatment in Dubai
    • removal, diagnosis, and inspection of damaged and infected tissues and organs
    Here is the list of advantages of laparoscopy if the surgery is done right and for that purpose best laparoscopic surgeon in Dubai is consulted:
    • recovery rate is fast
    • lesser damage to tissues due to minimal created slit
    • lesser post-surgical pain
    • mostly absolutely no cases of organ damage during or post-operation
    • shorter interval of separation from home and work